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Brady Teufel

Office: Building 26, Rm. 221

Phone: 805-756-6145


Brady Teufel teaches courses in multimedia journalism, news reporting, visual communication and photojournalism. Teufel has been a resident of San Luis Obispo since a young age. He left the area to study sociology at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he earned his B.A. After college, Teufel helped create a 20,000-circulation magazine aimed at ocean sports enthusiasts and distributed from San Francisco to Monterey Bay. He also worked for the Five Cities Gazette as a sports reporter before leaving Central California for the Midwest where he earned an M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri. Along with a love for good storytelling, Teufel enjoys traveling and has visited over 35 countries. His interests also include Web design, photography, videography, surfing, ultimate Frisbee and basketball.


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Teufel, Brady and Loving, Bill.“False Impressions: How Digital Editing is Altering Public Discourse.” Global Science and Technology Forum Journal of Law and Social Sciences 3 (1): pp. 110-118 (2012)

Teufel, Brady and Loving, Bill.“Forum Selection in Social Media.” Journal of Social Sciences Research: pp. 63-81 (2011)


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