Greg Tantum

News-Talk programmer GREG TANTUM recently retired after nearly five decades as a working broadcast journalist. Most recently he was program director at CUMULUS News-Talk WYAY (NEWSRADIO 106.7)/ATLANTA. His background includes, Exec. Editor at NBC NEWS RADIO. Greg has also worked for CBS, ABC Bonneville and Gannett programming news and information at stations that include KGO-A/SAN FRANCISCO, KFWB-A/LOS ANGELES, WCAU-A-WIP-A/PHILADELPHIA, KING-A/SEATTLE, KOGO-A and KSDO-A/SAN DIEGO and WTWP-A (WASHINGTON POST RADIO)/WASHINGTON.

Greg started his career as a young reporter in Dayton, Ohio where he was one of the reporters on the flight line when Vietnam POWS returned to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. In those early years he also interviewed then president Richard Nixon as he toured the devastation from the 1974 Xenia tornado. That led to a long career as an award winning reporter, writer, anchor, editor and program director. Over the years he has been directly involved in the development and launching of a number of innovative news and information formats including Washington Post Radio.

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