New Course for Student Media Managers in the Works

Journalism professor Pat Howe has an exciting project in the works that could cause an interesting change in the department’s curriculum.

By Olivia Nelson

New "Media Management" Course in Journalism Department

Howe has been designing and experimenting with a new course intended for Mustang Media Group leaders. Howe, who has his master’s degree in media management, is teaching the course experimentally now, but hopes it will be integrated into the department’s official curriculum by spring 2019. The course, which will be titled “Media Management,” will be a seminar- and discussion-based class designed to teach the best practices.

The course curriculum may address topics like human resources law, goal setting for managers, media integration, training best practices, understanding your audience and crisis planning. He hopes the course will also include guest speakers from different disciplines of the industry.

Student leaders who are elected by the Media Board, such as Mustang News editor in chief, broadcast news director, KCPR general manager and CCPR manager, will be required to take the one-unit course, which meets weekly throughout the academic year.

Eventually, the hope is that the individuals chosen to participate in the course will learn media management practices before taking on their prospective leadership roles in any of the student media organizations. Howe says that students chosen will “come into the fold, learn from their peers and get a head start for their roles the next year.”

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