Peter Hartlaub

Conan Nolan

Peter Hartlaub has worked at The San Francisco Chronicle since 2000. (He
was a Chronicle paperboy from 1982 to 1984.) He also worked in the 1990s
at the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Santa Maria Times and Los Angeles Daily

As The Chronicle¹s pop culture critic, he reviews movies, covers local
entertainment and prepares multimedia projects. He co-wrote the first blog
at the The Chronicle in 2005, and he was one of the paper¹s first
reporters recording podcasts and shooting video. In addition to his work
in the Chronicle, he founded the online parenting forum The Poop and is the host of The Big Event podcast..

After years of using the San Francisco Chronicle¹s archive to create
digital presentations, he spent 2015 working full-time on a
multimedia project celebrating 150 years of San Francisco history.
He grew up in the Bay Area and lives in Alameda with his wife and two

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