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By Will Peischel, Journalism Senior

Today, Paul Cousineau (GRC) works late hours as a Dow Jones executive, but he won’t ever forget the overnights spent years ago as a University Graphic Systems (UGS) foreman, learning proper printing techniques for Mustang Daily.

“I wouldn’t trade those nights working on Mustang Daily for anything,” he wrote on the new interactive timeline of Mustang News history.

The timeline features memorable moments from student media alumni as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Cal Poly’s student press.

Ellen Pensky (JOUR) president, or queen bee, of Bumblebee Marketing Services and editor of Cal Poly’s Outpost Magazine in the early 1970s., saw firsthand the reaction a provocative piece can produce when her article on a student prostitute came fresh off the press.

Department Head John Healey demanded an explanation. After hours of negotiation and phone calls, the issue hit the street.

“To this day, I still love the smell of ink,” writes Pensky, “because it makes me think of those days.”

Now it’s your turn!

Do YOU have a memory to share about your time working on student media? We’d love to add it to the timeline.

This link takes you to the timeline form:

Please include a photo of yourself -- then or now -- as a high-resolution JPEG or PDF file in your response. 

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