Cal Poly Journalism

Cal Poly Journalism is an Accredited Journalism Program

Accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications

Accredited Status Received 2020

Student data information
(Accredited 2020)
2022 Council Revisit Decision and 2021-22 Revisit Report;
2020 Council Decision and 2019-20 Site Team Report

Samantha Pryor
For Samantha Pryor (Journalism, '17),
an internship at General Electric Digital
was a challenge she gladly accepted. 
Her hard work as the digital department's
  first marketing intern led to
 a job offer from GE Power.

Brian de los Santos
When Brian de los Santos (Journalism,
‘13) joined the staff at Mashable,
he applied his computer science
background as a journalist covering
advancements in technology.

Susan Houghton
When Susan Houghton (Journalism,
‘82) was hired as director of public
affairs and government relations for
Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, she stood out because of
her ability to translate technical
knowledge into language we can
all understand.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Journalism Department at Cal Poly is to provide excellence in education on fundamental concepts, values and skills in journalism that focus on problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and communication. We also promote an understanding of ethical and legal implications of media and the importance of cultural and intellectual diversity, civic engagement and social responsibility in preparing students for leadership roles in journalism.

The Journalism Department will achieve program growth through the development of undergraduate education, research, continuing education and other services to the profession. The department will be recognized as a leading center for journalism education in the 21st century.

Journalism faculty and staff members will strive to be recognized authorities in their teaching specialty areas and technical areas of expertise.

The Journalism Department will continue to improve, explore, innovate and implement pedagogical techniques central to Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” philosophy.

The theoretical and applied Cal Poly Journalism program will continue to prepare students for professional and personal success.

The Journalism Department will strive to become the preferred source of journalism education in the California State University system and beyond for undergraduate students and for journalism professionals wanting to advance their education and training.

Today’s journalism requires practitioners who can go toe-to-toe with subject matter experts on complex statistical, scientific and technical topics.

Cal Poly embraces this challenge as we prepare the next generation of journalists and strategic communicators.

As technology continues to evolve and effective resource management becomes more crucial for the world’s growing population, it’s essential that society has journalists and communications professionals who can “connect the dots” – credibly, accurately and ethically – whether they have deep knowledge of their subject or are generalists who can be nimble in a number of technical and scientific disciplines.

We’ve seen that our students’ success goes hand in hand with their familiarity with science, facility with digital technology, and ability to use analytical skills to tell impactful stories.

Our future lies in ensuring student success.

A Unique Approach

By leveraging our position as a journalism department in a thriving polytechnic institution, we can help our students harness the power of journalism, science and technology to serve the greater good.

CPTV Studio

Our approach allows us to:

  • Serve the needs of a society hungry for credible, reliable and understandable news and information about the critical issues facing our world, such as cyber security, global warming and food safety.
  • Instill a dedication in our students to evidence-based, data-driven reporting and strategic communication.
  • Develop an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset in our students to help them meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving media landscape, embracing Cal Poly’s Learn-By-Doing philosophy.
  • Distinguish our journalism program as one of the best in the nation.

Learn more about what makes Cal Poly Journalism special.

The Centennial Campaign

Opportunities for Leadership Support

In 2016, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the student press at Cal Poly. As we look back on that rich history, we are inspired to prepare students for the next 100 years. That takes vision, commitment and your support for our students and faculty to sustain a proud tradition of excellence.

Learn more about how, with your support, we can keep Cal Poly Journalism on the cutting edge!

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