Journalism Building The Journalism Department at Cal Poly is one of 16 programs in Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts. The department offers a professional program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with emphases in broadcasting, multimedia, news-editorial and public relations.

Journalism courses compose 76 units of the 180 units required for a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. The remaining units of general education and electives offer insight into government, natural and social sciences, economics, history, philosophy, the arts and other fields, helping to prepare graduates to meet assignments in the world community.

Journalism majors prepare for these assignments by completing a core of required courses, then branching out to focus in media specializations of their choice. Journalism majors can also work in student media from the day they start, including the Mustang News student newspaper; CCPR, the student-run public relations firm; KCPR, the FM-stereo radio station; or the news and programming operations of CPTV, Cal Poly’s TV station and, the online portal for Mustang News.

Cal Poly Journalism graduates have reached positions of responsibility and authority nationally in corporations and media outlets, including major publications, networks and affiliates. Founded in the 1920s, the department has thousands of alumni, with many holding high positions in print, broadcast, and public relations journalism for state and national organizations. The Cal Poly Journalism Department is composed of about 250 students and seven faculty members who represent a variety of platforms and disciplines within journalism.

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