Equipment Checkout


Journalism majors and ISLA minors may check out equipment for their courses through the Journalism Tech Office, located in 26-207.

Equipment checkouts & returns must be booked 12 hours in advance. Your booking is subject to equipment availability and may be canceled due to lack of inventory

Any questions or concerns should be directed to

Equipment Checkout Policies

In addition to the policies outlined in the Journalism Department Responsible Use agreement (below), the student checking out equipment agrees to the following:

  • Equipment checked out through the Journalism Department Tech Office is made available on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is a limited amount of equipment available and as such, not all equipment may be available at the time of booking
  • Book equipment only when you need it, allowing other students the opportunity to check out equipment
  • The student is responsible for the security and well keeping of the equipment while in their possession and may be charged for the repair or replacement of such equipment at the time of check-in
  • Equipment is checked out for 5 business days.  At the end of the checkout period, equipment is considered overdue, which may result in the revocation checkout privileges, invoicing for the replacement cost of the equipment and potential hold placed on their academic account

Equipment Checkout Process

  1. Complete the checkout request form
  2. Book your reservation for equipment pickup/return 
  •  A booking confirmation will be sent to your Cal Poly email as well as a reminder email prior to your booking time
  • At your booking time, travel to the Journalism Tech office, Building 026, room 0207 

Equipment Return Process

  1.  Create a new appointment to check-in equipment.   
  • You will get an email confirmation email upon successful completion of booking with a reminder email just prior to your booking 
  • Double and triple-check that you have all equipment accessories (batteries, chargers, cables, microphones, tripod plates, etc.) PRIOR to coming to campus. Any missing items may be invoiced to the student at replacement cost  
  • At the time of your booking, travel to the Journalism Tech Office, building 026, room 0207 

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