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Journalism course listing and description can be found on the Cal Poly Catalog under Journalism major.

Journalism curriculum by entry year


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An internship is required of journalism majors and is designed to give the student practical experience in the field.
Applicable forms and information on internships can be found on our internship information page. Be sure to read the FAQ for students and providers. After reading these, students typically have all their questions answered. 

Senior Capstone

All students are required to take either JOUR 460 or JOUR 462 to complete their degree. You'll need to take one quarter of either. 

JOUR 462 is a converged reporting course, where students form teams to report on newsworthy topics using a variety of techniques and platforms. Here are some examples of student work produced in JOUR 462.

JOUR 460 accepts 12 students per year, and entails completing a research paper or project. If you have a good research topic in mind and you're interested in enrolling in JOUR 460, please contact the department office to reserve a seat. Here are some additional resources:


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