Sophomore Advising


Looking and Planning Ahead

Course Requirements

These are the courses that you'll want to start planning your schedule around.

Media Technology Electives

During your second year, you'll want to choose two of the following media technology electives: 303, 350, 390 and 410. Here's a brief description of each one.

JOUR 303 (Web Audio and Video): Concepts and technologies associated with bringing video, still images and audio online. Process of web-based audio and video creation, production and publication, from inception to publishing. Tip: Take this class if you want to learn more about producing and publishing audio and video-based content using a variety of web-enabled storytelling techniques.

JOUR 350 (Data Visualization): Introduction to the techniques of finding stories in data sets and presenting them visually via interactive online displays. Emphasis on adapting emerging tools for digital storytelling. Tip: Take this class if you want to learn more about transforming data into an interactive chart, graph, map etc. -- bringing important stories to light.

JOUR 390 (Visual Communication for the Mass Media): Theory and application of visual communication in today's media. Visual communication's power to inform, educate and persuade. Production of visual media across digital, broadcast and print platforms. Tip: Take this class if you want to learn more about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and WordPress.

JOUR 403 (Multimedia Production for Public Relations and Advertising): Development of fundamentals pertaining to the technical and aesthetic proficiencies used in video communication for public service, public relations, marketing and advertising. All aspects of pitching, planning, production, editing and post-production in addition to historical and regulatory aspects of communication policy and mandates. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory.

JOUR 410 (Advanced Digital Journalism): Apply the theories and applications of digital journalism to the development and publication of innovative digital content. Tip: Take this class if you want to learn more about HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Jour 444 media internship

Prerequisites: At least one quarter of JOUR 352, JOUR 353 or JOUR 413 
Requires department internship coordinator approval
Start the process by visiting Journalism Internship Info


JOUR 460 vs. jour 462

You'll need to take one quarter of either 

JOUR 460 accepts 12 students per year, and entails completing a research paper or project. OR

JOUR 462 is a converged reporting course, where students form teams to report on newsworthy topics using a variety of techniques and platforms.

If you have a good research topic in mind and you're interested in enrolling in JOUR 460, please contact the department office to reserve a seat.


jour 352 and JOUR 353

Students not in the public relations track must enroll in two quarters of either J352 (Advanced Newspaper Reporting Practicum) or JOUR 353 (Advanced Broadcast Journalism Practicum), or one quarter of each. Both of these courses are offered every quarter, but please note that they have prerequisites you'll need to complete before enrolling. 

JOUR 352 and/or JOUR 353 cannot be taken during the same quarter as JOUR 462.


jour 415 advanced public relations practice: CCPR 

Prerequisites: JOUR 413, PR Campaigns, or BUS 453 - Digital Media Marketing (for IMC minors)


Start by browsing Cal Poly International Center to find out more info, then attend a mandatory workshop where you will get info on applying for a study abroad program. It's more difficult to get major classes to count, so plan on taking GE classes while abroad. 

With good planning and advising, it is entirely possible to obtain both a major and a minor while studying abroad for one year WITHOUT affecting your four-year graduation plan.



• These are programs that we have partnerships with (it will be easier to get credit for journalism classes here)
• CIEE Global Institutes in London, Rome, Berlin, Paris
• SIT programs in South Africa, Morocco, Nicaragua, Serbia and Bosnia


Any student can apply for a leadership position in Mustang Media. The top leaders of Mustang News, MNTV, CCPR and KCPR are selected by the media board each year. Applications are open now for other staff positions  (news, arts and sports editors, assistant managers, etc.)

JOUR 455 Media Management

This is a one-unit-per-quarter class that's required for anyone selected for a leadership position.

and finally...


  1. Be sure to meet with a CLA adviser to review your progress at least four quarters before your planned graduation date.
  2. Remember that you'll need at least 180 units to graduate, 60 of which must be upper division. 104 of which must be outside of Journalism/Media/Mass Communications.
  3. Completion of the Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR)
  4. Overall and Major GPA – 2.0 or better


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