Class Feature: JOUR 410

Advanced Digital Journalism (JOUR 410) is a class designed to arm journalism students with cutting-edge skills in web-based media communication. In this class, students learn coding skills including languages like HTML, Javascript and CSS in order to create their own websites on a topic of their choice.

“As students learn to code a responsive website from scratch and fill it with words, graphics, videos, audio and photo essays, they will stimulate both the analytic as well as the creative sides of their brain," said Professor and Assistant Department Chair Brady Teufel. “This is usually a key ingredient to success, no matter what the endeavor.”

Teufel added that JOUR 410 allows students to independently produce and publish any form of media from almost anywhere on earth. The ability to code a website brings a new perspective on the digital world, which then opens opportunities in a variety of fields. Journalism junior James Hayes chose to create his website on the drag queen culture in San Luis Obispo.

“I like 410 because it challenges me and gives me the tools to code anything I could think of,” said Hayes. “Being able to create a responsive and unique website that can showcase my journalistic skills more than prepares me for life after graduation.”

Students covered variety of themes in the class this quarter, including local topics such as accessibility on campus, the San Luis Obispo music scene and the San Luis Obispo MakerSpace craft center.

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