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SLO Yoga Center

marketing intern

The team of SLO Yoga Center is seeking intern to assist with social media, public relations, events, and marketing related projects. Duties include development and implementation of social media plans, developing social media content including short videos, promotional ideas to drive customer acquisition and retention, event organization, and much more. The team is willing to work with interns to develop an internship focused around their area of interest.

The intern will learn how to develop a social media marketing strategy, track marketing promotion effectiveness, develop marketing content, and understand and improve the customer journey.

Positions are available through Spring 2020 and are unpaid. The internship will last approximately six months, about six to eight hours per week.

If interested, contact Stephanie Stackhouse ( Stephanie is a Cal Poly School of Business alumni and has worked for corporations including start-up companies, LinkedIn, and Microsoft for more than 20 years following graduation.  She now runs all aspects of SLO Yoga Center, which is considered one of the most successful yoga studios on the Central Coast.

Posted: 10/1/19


Modern Broker

Social Media/marketing intern

Modern Broker is a real estate company made up 100+ agents serving families in both California's central coast and central valley. The company was founded in 2009 and has 7 office locations, including a new San Luis Obispo office at the SLO HotHouse.

The team is seeking a social media/marketing intern for Summer 2019. The intern will be responsible for overseeing all social media activity on company accounts and growing the company through various marketing projects touching on a) brand development and b) lead generation. The intern will develop social content, track metrics, and propose new and creative solutions for increasing engagement and return on investment on social channels. 

Expected hours are between 10-20 hours per week based in the San Luis Obispo office, with the possibility of full-time work. The intern will be paid and is also eligible for course credit. The team prefers the intern start immediately, to allow time for training. 

If interested, send a resume to Megan Lynch at megan@modernbroker.

Posted: 4/9/19


Cal Poly Athletics

marketing intern

Cal Poly Athletics is seeking marketing interns for yearlong internships, running from September 2019 to June 2020. This internship is a great learning experience and will provide an opportunity to experience the inner workings of various roles marketing plays in an athletic department. 

Opportunities to learn are available in the areas of event management, graphic design, special events, sport event preparation, game entertainment, producing sport specific game scripts, promotions, project/program administration and more. Marketing interns in many ways are the “face” of the athletic department at events and interact with the community and fan base on a consistent basis.

Interns will learn how to market and promote a sporting event, execute all elements of the game day experience, manage membership databases, write scripts and timelines for games, and will gain experience running the kids club and student fan group for Cal Poly Athletics.

To apply for a position as a Cal Poly Athletics Marketing Intern for 2019-20, prepare a resume and answer the following questions. No cover letter or references are required, but are always welcome. 

1. What are your expectations of the internship? What specific experience(s) are you looking to gain from this internship? 

2. What are your aspirations as it relates to education and career? 

3. How has your previous work experience (paid and/or unpaid) prepared you for this internship? 

4. Do you have any specific skill sets that you believe could be an asset to Cal Poly Athletics Marketing and set your application apart? Examples could include previous marketing, sales, sports or graphic design experience. 

Once complete, you may apply by sending your responses and resume (as one complete DOC or PDF file, named with your full name) attached to an email to the Assistant Director of Marketing, Jason Namanny, at The deadline to apply is April 28, 2019.

Posted: 4/8/19



Public relations intern

As a nonprofit organization that serves both victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault/abuse and their loved ones, RISE provides comprehensive programs, services and resources to the community.

RISE is seeking interns to assist with social media, public relations, events, and marketing related projects. Duties include development and implementation of social media plans, writing press releases, building business partnerships, event organization, and much more! We are willing to work with our interns to develop an internship focused around their area of interest. Interns are expected to commit to 6 months (or 2 quarters) and 8-12 hrs/week of work.


If interested, contact:

Name: Sophie Marsh

Title: Outreach and Events Manager


Posted: 11/5/18


Walt & Company Communications

Public Relations Intern

Walt & Company is a team of innovative PR, digital and social communications professionals committed to building creative, engaging and effective programs for consumer and enterprise tech companies. From traditional media relations to high profile events to cutting-edge social, we build multi-channel brand, product and technology programs that advance business objectives, sustain market visibility and deliver results.

As an intern, you’ll assist one or more account teams with program activities, including media and market research, news and social media writing, and event coordination. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in client/agency planning and brainstorming.

The ideal candidate is a graduating senior who’s looking to get a foot in the door! You must be able to commit to a full-time internship - 40 hours/week - for a minimum of three months. We hire interns year-round.

For more information on the company, please visit To apply, send an email with three reasons why you’d be a fantastic Walt & Company intern, along with your resume, to:  

Posted: 11/5/18



Make-A-Wish®  San Diego

Public relations and news interns

Since 1980, Make-A-Wish® has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish® San Diego grants wishes to eligible children in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Make-A-Wish® San Diego is seeking interns to take on the positions of: special events intern, marketing/communications intern, development department intern, wish department intern, wish assist intern, and volunteer interns. Internships are available for spring 2018, summer 2018, and fall 2018.

Interns will:

  • Learn how to compile research on high involvement wishes and present that information to the team
  • Learn how to manage a heavy case load
  • How to communicate with families going through a time of crisis
  • Learn how to craft a professional document
  • Learn how to interact with others in a professional setting


For a detailed summary of available internships, visit the Make-A-Wish® San Diego site or contact:

Name: Jenna Martin or Sarah Woo


Post: 11/5/18


SLO Botanical Garden

public relations intern

The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden is located near the Pacific Ocean on the central coast. We focus on the role plants play in our lives and how they advance human endeavors and cultures by providing food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.

We are seeking part-time interns for fall, winter, and spring. The intern will work as a public relations coordinator and storyteller. We work with students to explore their interests and passions and are flexible with timing and projects, as well as being able to work on or off site.

Responsibilities will include gathering volunteer stories and oral history, developing garden audio-tour outline, photography, videography, social media posting, press releases, and event promotion. Candidates must have reliable transportation and be available some weekends. 


The intern will learn to:

  • Develop interviewing, recording and audio/visual archival process
  • Research social media insights
  • Enhance experience with press
  • Write and submit press releases
  • Experiment with storyboarding

To inquire about the internship or for information regarding applications, contact:

Name: Lindsey Morgan

Title: Education Director


Posted: 11/5/18


Kick-it Points

Digital Marketing, PR and Design Interns

Kick-it Points is a mobile app that allows users to get rewards to local businesses for being real world social. Simply scroll through the in-app map to find things to do and places to go. Every point on the map is tied to a deal from a local business that can be claimed by users when they actually get to that real world location.

We are seeking interns to aid us with Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and with General Design. These positions include but are not limited the execution of the sub-tasks mentioned below.

Digital Marketing Management: social media management, newsletter updates, sponsored ad creation and data analysis

Public Relations Management: in-person marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, merchandise ideation for special promos and strategic partnership formation, and merchandise ideation for special promos

Designer: social media digital content, Wix website maintenance and collateral creation for partnered businesses

Kick-it Points moves very quickly and partners with new organizations at random intervals. Interns must be proactive and creative by making design concepts that can be utilized for various events or activities.

The internship will be unpaid or for internship credit. Intern will be expected to work approximately 10 hours a week, primarily remotely, but must attend weekly team meetings.

If interested, contact:

Name: Brett Foreman

Title: Founder


Posted: 10/9/18



Content Creators

WizeFi is on a mission to create a new generation of people who are able to reach sustainable wealth and live their ideal lifestyle. WizeFi is continuing to expand from their team of 13 people and is seeking  interns who want to be a part of a well-organized, driven, and fun company culture in downtown SLO.

WizeFi is seeking multiple interns to save as content creators in fall, winter and spring. Positions are open immediately, and may last 1-3 quarters. Interns will compose blog content, email copy, social media content, and press releases.

The positions are for class credit, however, exceptional students will be offered paid compensation (pending a review) to continue their internship after fulfilling class credit.

If interested, contact:

Name: Jonathan

Title: Co-founder | Director of Product Development


Posted: 10/2/18


Tri-California Events, Inc. 

Public Relations Intern

ZTri-California Events, Inc.

The Public Relations & Promotion Assistant reports to the Promotions Director, and will assist in the areas of social media, marketing and media relations. The Social Media & Promotion Assistant will play an essential role in Tri©\ California”Æs efforts to engage and build a community of fitness minded individuals, driving these individuals to ”°Exercise with Purpose”± and participate in a Tri©\California event. Promotion Assistant must be an innovative, a team player with interpersonal skills, and a proven self starter with the ability to learn on the job. Paid Internship. Available for full time or part time internship. Minimum of 16 hours per week.

This person should be sports-oriented, demonstrate a desire to learn and grow, and offer ideas and suggestions to think outside the box with newest marketing trends. Knowledge of current industry, resources and information related to event planning suggested.  We are looking for someone that has strong moral values when making ethical business decisions and creating long lasting relationships. Past experience within the PR industry and familiarity with special events is preferred. This position will demand a moderate to high amount of travel, including some travel over weekends and holidays during events.

Internships currently available for Winter 2019, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

If interested and for more information, contact: 

Name: Colleen Bousman
Title: President
Phone: 831-601-9979

Posted: 8/15/18

Zest It Up Inc. 

PR/Social media intern

Zest It Up Inc is a local lifestyle brand specializing in creating inspiration for a zesty life through celebratory and educational events, a tutorial based blog, and a carefully curated e-commerce space that showcases local makers. 

An internship with Zest It Up Inc translates into growth in a rich learning environment. Those with a penchant for entrepreneurial endeavors will be inspired and motivated in a culture of ingenuity and community mindedness.

The internship will entail creating posts for social media platforms, aiding in strategizing social media content to increase reach and engagement, and outreaching press and writing press releases in promotion of events. 

Candidates must have a minimum of 10 hours of availability per week. The internship is based in Zest It Up's office in North County and is for credit only. The position is available immediately and will be an opportunity through summer months. 

If interested, contact: 

Name: Samantha Nason
Title: Co-President


PR/Social media intern

LightManufacturing Inc is seeking an intern to assist with our press outreach and social media efforts. On the PR side, the intern will help develop our media presence and connect our unique project to relevant journalists and their readers. On the social media side, the intern will curate our social media presence, and tailor our message to end-users and key decision makers in sustainable manufacturing and human development.

As a member of our team, the intern will do important work right from the start. They'll contribute to something new and innovative, with the potential for global impact. 

We envision the intern will act as in-house ‘embedded media’ - taking photographs, chatting with our Engineers and end-users, and using this information to  create press releases, original articles, and for web and SM updates.  

We are looking for a student who can make work with us for a minimum of 2 months, averaging 8-12 hrs per week. Internships are available year-round, beginning in Spring 2018, and will be paid. 

If interested, contact: 

Name: Karl von Kries
Title: CEO

Posted: 3/28/18

Earth Day Alliance

Press secretary and social networking administrator

The Earth Day Alliance is a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to put on an annual fair; this year, the Alliance will be hosting its 28th annual event.

The Earth Day Alliance is seeking a press secretary intern to work with its director to compose press releases and media content for its website, update its media list, and create the Earth Day media packet, including promotion of music, participants and speakers. The job may also include being an emcee at the event.

The organization is also seeking a social networking administrator, tasked with working with the director to compose and schedule all social networking outreach, search for current topics and spread the word of SLO County Earth Day.

Both positions are open now and will need strong support through May. Earth Day education is a year round project, with the busiest months being February to May. These positions are unpaid.

If interested, contact: 

Name: Sandra Marshall

Title: Director


Posted: 3/5/18

Mobile Law Center


The nation’s first Mobile Law Center, based in Pismo Beach, provides accessible and affordable legal services. It is seeking an intern to coordinate its Public Relations/Promotion/Publicity efforts.

This position requires overseeing the various social media platforms to maintain 3-5 posts weekly about the MLC brand and its services; developing a thorough list of events that the MLC can participate in throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties and then coordinating MLC's participation with the event holders; creating appropriate collateral materials for each event; sending out press releases and media alerts.

This internship is an opportunity to acquire learn-by-doing experience to showcase on your resume. The weekly hours will need to be documented with a time sheet on each of the activities undertaken. This internship is unpaid.

Interested students must provide a resume and explain why they want this internship and what they promise to deliver in terms of time and effort via email.

Name: Stephen Stern


Posted: 2/23/28

ONX Wines

Production crew

The team at ONX Wines in Paso Robles is seeking two interns for spring.

Interns will serve as production crew under the supervision of a producer/marketing manager to develop a mini-documentary series that will educate wine lovers on the intricacies of wine making and running a wine business. Interns will participate in pre-production meetings, film and edit episodes and develop their writing and storytelling skills.

The position will be paid; interns must be 21+.

If interested, contact:

Name: Sarah Gerkins

Title: Marketing Manager


Posted: 1/20/18

Feedback Agency

Digital marketing research intern

Feedback Agency partners with local researchers in the countries where the HumanFilter insights are being gathered – leading to a far better understanding of individual cultures, customs, audiences and the real vocabularies used to discuss products, trends and brands.

We are seeking a digital marketing research intern for fall, winter, spring and summer. This position will be held in a remote context, and be expected to function within east coast time constraints. Most commonly through phone call check ins. Our internships are offered in two forms:

Option 1- Non-Credit:

The internship will last 40 hours, unpaid, and should be completed within the span of 1-2 weeks. There is the possibility of a 2-week extension based on mutual interest. You might think of this work simply as in exchange for our investment in offering training. We certainly want this to be a fair deal for all involved. From there, depending on our assessment, you'll be the first to be taken into consideration for paid work (most likely in the form of short-term contractual work on an as-needed basis, at least at the onset.)

Option 2 - For-University Credit:

You choose however many hours you want to commit, based on the requirements outlined by the university. The consideration for paid work wouldn't appear until post-internship. But after you've completed the requisite number of credit hours, we'll be able to offer monetary compensation in the same manner as Option 1.

Interns for Feedback are taught a variety of entry-level skills, and are encouraged to pursue additional skills and work-types based on their aptitude and relevant details. Research interns will apply basic ethnographic techniques in a social media environment, work within our research team, and perform as a part of the Feedback team and operate in a busy, but relatively casual, office environment. Interns can expect to work on projects that may span multiple geographies, industries, brands, audiences, and contexts.

If interested, contact:

Name: Michael Dabrowski

Title: Research Team Development


Posted: 11/9/17

DT Digital

Marketing intern

DT Digital consists of leading digital marketing experts with offices all over Asia to ensure that you have the most updated knowledge on all markets across the region.

We are seeking marketing interns for fall, winter, spring and summer. Internships will last three months or longer in Hong Kong.


Intern will be responsible for market research, social media management, PR practice and event management.

If interested in this position, please contact:

Name: Joy Tang

Title: Project Manager


Posted: 11/9/17

California Mid-State Fair

Publicitiy Intern

The California Mid-State Fair is held annually and runs for 12 days at the end of July. The Fair hosts many opportunities to enjoy entertainment, exhibits, livestock, food, drinking, and shopping. The Fair has hosted events such as the Central Coast Wine Competition and some of the biggest names in the music industry; this year’s line-up features A-list entertainers Keith Urban, John Mayer, Matchbox 20, and more.

The Fair is seeking an intern for spring and summer. Under the guidance of the publicity chief, the publicity intern will draft social media updates, website updates, and concise summary descriptions of Fair activities and events.

The intern will have flexible hours in the spring, fitting into the student’s schedule. Hours will gradually increase to full-time during the Fair (July 18-29, 2018), ending directly after the fair comes to a close. The wage is $12 an hour.


  • Experience with Word and Excel
  • Pleasant personality (as interns will be dealing with the public).
  • Graphic design experience helpful, but not mandatory.

If interested, please contact:

Tom Keffury

Title: Publicity


Posted: 10/30/17

Verdin Marketing

Account assistant intern

The account assistant (AA) is an integral part of the Verdin team. Aside from greeting guests and helping with phones, the AA has a broad range of account-related activities to assist with in every aspect of the firm’s services. The AA reports to the company president and operations manager.

The AA will learn how to write for different advertising channels, to write effective press releases and distribute using sophisticated PR tools, to create social media strategy and content, to develop themes and campaigns and to work within an agency culture and structure.


  • Assist with various writing projects, including news releases, blog entries, ad copy (print, radio, TV), headlines, brochure copy, etc.
  • Assist in implementing social media programs, including developing ideas and writing posts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions, including developing concepts with our team as well as recording and organizing ideas.
  • Assist with research (ranging from online to phone calls, as appropriate to project).
  • Assist with all necessary project elements including returning phone calls, writing notes and memos, running errands, etc.
  • Assist with press release media contact list building and distribution through online PR tools.
  • Provides backup at reception desk, greeting clients, vendors and other visitors, as well as offering phone answering support.
  • Other duties as assigned including helping with project and event coordination, business development support, research, etc.


For more information on how to apply, please contact:

Name: Michelle Starnes

Title: Operations Manager


Posted 10/30/17.

Wayfarer Entertainment

Brand partnerships and marketing intern

At Wayfarer, we absolutely believe that the right intention can inspire our audience to get up and change the world around them. Wayfarer is a positively disruptive production company that tells stories of inspirational people. We do everything with the heart and soul at the forefront.

Wayfarer is seeking a brand partnerships intern / marketing intern for winter and spring. Candidates must be available to intern 2-5 days per week and work 10 AM- 5 PM, unpaid. Days of the week are flexible depending on your schedule.

Responsibilities include assisting the head of Brand Sponsorship and executive producer, collaborating on pitch decks, and conducting research. Interns will gain experience in film/TV production and will gather knowledge about pre-production and development of content and brand sponsorship and marketing.

If interested, contact:

Name: Sam Baldoni

Title: Executive Producer/ Head of Brand Partnership


Posted: 10/30/17

Cal Poly Sustainability 

marketing and communications intern

The Facilities Energy, Utilities, and Sustainability organization is dedicated to responsible management of the natural resources needed to assure the continued efficient operations of the Cal Poly campus.

Cal Poly Sustainability is seeking marketing and communications interns for fall, winter, spring and summer. The intern will learn to effectively draft press releases, create communication channels for the university, effectively market the organization through social media messages, and learn about sustainability on campus.


  • Write press releases for new SLO Sustainability projects
  • Draft posts for Cal Poly Report, a weekly newsletter for staff and faculty
  • Create and edit content for Sustainability website
  • Create content for Sustainability social media accounts
  • Interview staff and faculty around campus about sustainability efforts, to be included in future newsletters/web content


Please direct inquires to:

Name: Kylee Singh

Title: Sustainability Coordinator


Posted: 10/30/17

SLO Safe Ride

Community Relations intern

SLO Safe Ride is a ground transportation operator servicing San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, and the entire Central Coast. We specialize in weddings, wine tours, nightlife, and luxury charters. Our outstanding customer service emphasizes professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing the highest quality of service possible in a timely manner. Whether it is a ride to the airport or an all-day wedding shuttle, we believe in holding our transportation to the highest standard.

We are seeking an intern to act as the content curator and community relations assistant for winter and spring. The intern will be working alongside a small marketing team at SLO Safe Ride to create campaign content, do small-scale graphic design, and create/maintain business-to-business relationships in order to help SLO Safe Ride marketing.

The intern will learn about organizational networking skills, written content creation, graphic design, project management, and marketing campaigns.


Interested? Contact:

Name: Mike Linn

Title: Owner


Posted: 10/30/17

Red Light Management

Public relations interns

Red Light has developed into the largest independent music management company in the world. We’re a collective of like-minded individuals, international in scope, united by our primary focus: to develop sustainable careers and long-lasting legacies for our artists, and along the way, influence the musical landscape for the better.

Our diverse roster features many uniquely talented artists from all genres including: Dave Matthews Band, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, Tiësto, Enrique Iglesias, Dierks Bentley, Odesza, Chris Stapleton, Bastille, Lady Antebellum, Alabama Shakes and Phish.

Red Light Management’s Internship Program is open to qualified and dedicated individuals in Charlottesville, New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta and London.

Applicants should have an interest in learning more about the music industry through the hands-on experience of working in our management offices. This internship offers learning opportunities in the areas of management, tour marketing, publicity, radio and web promotion, graphic and web design, merchandising and tour promotion.

Internships are unpaid and weekly hours are flexible.

Experience with Office / Google Docs is a must and some and graphic design knowledge is preferred. Specifically, we are looking for dedicated, hard working, high-energy individuals, not afraid to take initiative.

Applications for summer of 2018 on February 12, 2018.

For more information, visit RLM’s internship page.

Posted: 10/30/17


public relations intern

IAMSOUND is a multidimensional ecosystem encompassing a record label, creative agency and visual art studio. We like music. We like art. We thought it could be fun to work at the intersection of the two.

IAMSOUND is seeking a part-time intern to start immediately.

Ideal candidates must have a strong interest in music/visual art, be proficient in Google Suite, and are clear communicators/extremely organized. The position is unpaid.

Please send resumè to

Posted: 10/30/17

SLO Chamber of Commerce

public relations and communication intern

For more than 112 years, the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to serving our membership through work to enhance the economic prosperity and community wellbeing of San Luis Obispo County. Our focus is on creating the best possible environment for people to live, raise their families and pursue their passions in the place they love.

We are seeking a public relations and communications intern for fall and winter. Internships require working a minimum of 10 hours per week. We’re looking for a smart, creative individual looking to gain professional experience and who will bring fresh ideas to the table and contribute to the SLO Chamber team. Their efforts will inject personality into how we market the place we love, San Luis Obispo!

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing and editing press releases, articles for news sites and other marketing materials.
  • Researching industry publications and pitching editorial content.
  • Creating social media campaigns including scheduling and tracking analytics.
  • Collaborating with team members on new projects, stories and ideas.


If interested, contact:

Name: Molly Kern

Title: Director of Communications and Business Education


Posted: 10/30/17

Philosophy PR + Marketing

PR coordinator & Marketing researcher

Paid internships.

Two positions available. Accepting applicants year round.

  1. PR Coordinator – join as an important contributor to our PR team, supporting clients ranging from streaming media (like Netflix) to security software to cloud computingtechnologies. Duties include assisting with press release development, distribution, media outreach, pitch development and reporting. 
  2. PR & Marketing Researcher – support PR team with research on competitive coverage and trending industry topics for various accounts

For more information and who to contact view the proposal here

*posted 9/15/17*



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