Book Honors Beloved Professor

Jim Hayes, venerated and beloved professor
Few professors dream of making the impact that Jim Hayes had at Cal Poly. | Photo: Wayne Nicholls/Tribune.

The many fans of Jim Hayes rallied in summer and fall 2014 to honor the professor, friend and mentor who made a lasting impact on their lives.

Hayes worked at Cal Poly for 23 years as a professor and editor who inspired generations of new writers. He passed away in June 2014 at the age of 88, after a battle with cancer.

When news of Hayes’ illness was first posted on the We Love Jim Hayes Facebook page, reaction from his colleagues, friends and former students was immediate.

“All of a sudden, Hayes fans erupted in a spontaneous outpouring of love, affection, gratitude and respect expressed through their memories,” said Kathy Campbell (B.S., Journalism, 1988). “The idea of collecting all of these anecdotes and memories into a book just kind of popped up from several directions at once.”

Hayes’s legacy is now featured in a book edited by Campbell and designed by MaryAnne Talbott (B.S., Journalism, 1989).

“Jim Hayes: See Me,” featuring dozens of memories, photos, anecdotes and accolades contributed by Hayes’ Facebook friends, can be purchased on demand from

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